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Israel Evacuates Almost 1 Million from Rafah After White House Expressed Skepticism

Palestinians leaving Rafah. Reuters
Palestinians leaving Rafah. Reuters

On Monday, Israeli military officials announced that they had successfully evacuated over 950,000 Palestinian civilians out of the combat zone in Rafah since May 6th.

Media reports in Israel have suggested that most of the people have moved to the al-Mawasi area, a location designated by the IDF as a “humanitarian zone.”

The promising safety operation contradicts concerns from the Biden administration that such an effort would not be possible without significant casualties or spending several months to complete the project.

Approximately 300,000 to 400,000 residents remain in the municipality, mostly in the coastal section away from the fighting, according to documents cited by The Times of Israel.

The relocation of the non-combatants comes as about one-third of the Gazan border city is reportedly under the control of the Jewish state’s ground forces.

Jerusalem maintains that offensive maneuvers are necessary in the populated location to destroy the Hamas units that are garrisoned there.

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