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Israel Has Purchased 40,000 Tents for Use by Rafah Evacuees

IDF troops in Gaza, in a photograph issued by the IDF on April 5, 2024. IDF
IDF troops in Gaza, in a photograph issued by the IDF on April 5, 2024. IDF

Israel has purchased 40,000 tents to provide shelter for Gazans who will be evacuated to make way for a planned military operation against the Hamas terrorist organization in Rafah, according to a report by The Jerusalem Post.

The newspaper stated that there was no official announcement of the procurement and speculated that it was disclosed to send a message to the United States that Jerusalem is placing a high priority on civilian safety.

Additionally, the leaked details could also pressure Hamas representatives to take hostage negotiations more seriously, as the action may be seen as a sign of Israel’s determination to go ahead with the offensive.

Israel has been at odds with the Biden administration over their preparations to eliminate the estimated 4,000 terrorists remaining in Gaza, who the IDF maintains are garrisoned in the border city.

U.S. President Joe Biden has threatened to condition military aid to the Jewish state if the pursuit is undertaken without his approval.

Despite multiple warnings from Washington to avoid any incursion in Rafah, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Monday that a specific date has been set to commence an attack.

The IDF has planned to move any non-combatants in the area to demilitarized locations in and near Khan Yunis and Al-Mawasi.

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