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Israel Police Spokesperson Calls for Citizens to Carry Guns on Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur starts on September 24.
Israeli Police spokesperson Eli Levi. Hezki Baruch
Israeli Police spokesperson Eli Levi. Hezki Baruch

Israeli Police spokesperson Eli Levi has issued a statement urging Israel's public to carry firearms during the upcoming Yom Kippur observance.

In the Tuesday press release, Levi stated "we reiterate the call of the chief of police and the head of operations and call on the public to carry weapons and be trained in their use when necessary, to bear their weapons during these days, even in places of prayer and family entertainment.”

Highlighting the need for heightened holiday security measures, Levi noted that the police force is intensifying its efforts at critical locations throughout Israel. This call to arms comes amid growing concerns over security and the potential for acts of violence during the High Holidays.

The police have cited a 15% increase in terror warnings as a significant factor behind this appeal for heightened vigilance among the citizenry.

Knesset opposition leader Yair Lapid, criticized this move on X, labeling it as "dangerous populism" rather than a sound security policy.

Last week, the Jerusalem police announced that they would be placing an armed guard in each synagogue across the city for the Rosh Hashanah observances.

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