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Israeli Tourists in Greece Hide in Hotel as Pro-Hamas Demonstrators Attempt to Force Entry


Police in Athens on Tuesday responded to reports of a violent mob of pro-Hamas supporters who allegedly attempted to break into a hotel where Israeli tourists were staying, according to videos circulating on social media.

Greek anti-riot personnel were dispatched to the scene and deployed crowd control devices to maintain order.

The Jewish Voice: twitter.com

The incident happened amid reports that earlier in the day, police had to use chemical agents and flash-bang grenades to remove anti-Israel demonstrators from attempting to breech the walls of the Egyptian Embassy.

Since the start of Israel’s military operations in Gaza, the Mediterranean nation has been the scene of several large actions in support of the Hamas terrorist organization.

In October, the Communist Party of Greece organized a 10,000-person march to the Israeli Embassy that required police intervention to control the unruly crowd.

The disturbance comes as the Israeli military announced that they had taken control of the border crossing that separates Egypt from the southern Gazan city of Rafah.

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