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Jordanians Foil Alleged Tehran Backed Plot to Ferment Insurrection

A Jordanian policeman checks a car at Jordan's Jaber border crossing checkpoint near Syria's Nasib checkpoint. Reuters
A Jordanian policeman checks a car at Jordan’s Jaber border crossing checkpoint near Syria’s Nasib checkpoint. Reuters

Jordan has prevented a suspected Tehran-backed conspiracy to smuggle armaments into the Kingdom to assist terrorists in undermining the government of the U.S.-backed ally, two officials in Amman told Reuters on Wednesday.

The weapons were reportedly sent by Syrian proxy groups loyal to the regime in Iran to elements of the Jordanian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization with close ties to Hamas.

The news agency said that the effort was discovered after the arrest of several individuals of Palestinian descent in late March.

The sources declined to articulate any specific acts of sabotage that were planned or provide information on the materials confiscated, citing an ongoing investigation.

A representative from Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood confirmed the arrests but denied that the detainees were acting as agents for the Islamist group. The spokesperson suggested that they were likely transporting the munitions to facilitate attacks against Israeli forces in the West Bank.

Another member told Reuters that the suspects were acting on behalf of Saleh al-Arouri, a recently eliminated Hamas leader who was based in Lebanon.

The Jordanian government has in recent months announced numerous border seizures of explosive compounds, anti-personnel mines, Katyusha rockets, and small arms from groups affiliated with the Islamic Republic.

The country’s ruler, King Abdullah, has been facing widespread public anger in his country since the start of the October war in Gaza due to his close ties with Jerusalem and Washington.

Last month, the King ordered his military to assist in the defense of Israel during a massive missile bombardment launched by the Iranian regime.

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