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Leftist Coalition Wins Most Seats but No Party Wins Majority in French Election; Turmoil Projected

It is now expected to take weeks of political jockeying and deal making to determine who will be the new prime minister and lead the National Assembly.

A coalition of left-wing parties, the New Popular Front, is projected to finish first in France’s snap elections, with President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist alliance finishing second, and the populist National Rally party projected to come in third.

While final results will not be known until late Sunday or early Monday, the lack of a majority for any of the three alliances has created political and economic turmoil in France, according to The Associated Press.

When Macron called for these snap elections last month, it was considered a huge gamble, and he has lost control of parliament.

France now faces the prospect of weeks of political machinations to determine who will be prime minister and lead the National Assembly. And Macron faces the prospect of leading the country alongside a prime minister opposed to most of his domestic policies.

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