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Nearly Two-Thirds of U.S. Young Adults Favor Unconditional Ceasefire Without Release of Hostages: Poll

Despite supporting a ceasefire that does not include the removal of Hamas, most young adults say Hamas wants to commit genocide and should be ousted, the poll shows.
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Nearly two-thirds of U.S. young adults, 63%, are in favor of an unconditional ceasefire that does not include the release of the hostages or the removal of Hamas from the Gaza Strip, even though the same percentage of young adults say Hamas should be removed from power, according to a new poll.

Overall, 67% of registered U.S. voters say a "ceasefire should happen only after the release of all hostages and Hamas being removed from power," per a Harvard CAPS-Harris poll released last week that comes as more than 100 men, women, children and elderly have been held captive in Gaza for more than 100 days. Some of the former hostages who were released during a temporary ceasefire in November have described assaults and torture at the hands of their former captors.

The majority support for an unconditional ceasefire among registered voters ages 18-24 comes as 43% of people in that age group say they support Hamas more in the conflict, and 46% of them say the Oct. 7, 2023, attack on Israel, which resulted in the deaths of about 1,200 people and the kidnappings of 250 others, "can be justified by the grievance of the Palestinians."

Additionally, 60% of young people say Hamas wants to commit genocide against the Jews in Israel and 75% of them say the Oct. 7 attack was "genocidal in nature," but 60% people in that age group still say that Hamas can be negotiated with to create peace, per the poll.

Meanwhile, 57% of young people say Israel is "committing genocide" in Gaza, even though 64% of them say Israel is trying to avoid civilian casualties.

This survey was conducted Jan. 17-18 with 2,346 registered voters. The margin of error was not immediately known.

Unlike the majority of registered voters, young people have consistently expressed opinions supportive of Hamas in other Harvard polls dating back to October. Furthermore, 51% of young Americans said last month that Israel should "be ended and given to Hamas and the Palestinians," although the latest Harvard survey did not ask that question again.

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