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Putin Warns Russia Ready to Deploy Nuclear Weapons if Threatened

Putin also said he sympathizes with Biden, who he called a “representative of the traditional political school.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday said his country is ready to deploy nuclear weapons if its "sovereignty and independence" are threatened.

During an interview with Russian state television, Putin said there has "never been" a need to use weapons of mass destruction, but he is willing to if he feels it is necessary.

"We are ready to use weapons, including any weapons," Putin said, as translated, "if we are talking about the existence of the Russian state, about damaging our sovereignty and independence. We have everything spelled out in our strategy."

Russia has been expanding its nuclear activities since its invasion of Ukraine in 2023. Last year, the country sent nuclear weapons to its ally, Belarus, and it suspended participation in the New START Treaty, which was Russia's last arms control agreement with the United States.

Putin also said that Russia is prepared for a nuclear war, but he does not expect one to happen because U.S. President Joe Biden is a "representative of the traditional political school" and is a specialist in "Russian-American relations and in the field of strategic deterrence."

Putin also elaborated on his comments after saying last month that he prefers Biden to former President Donald Trump as U.S. leader.

"I sympathize with Biden," he said. He also stressed that Russia does "not interfere in any way in any elections" and "will work with any leader who is trusted by the American people."

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