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Rep. Good Will Submit Bill to Break Iran – China Cooperation: Report


Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) will introduce legislation to forbid the Biden administration from spending public funds to advance the Iran nuclear deal until Tehran makes certain reforms, including the severing of ties with China, according to a report in The Washington Free Beacon.

The action comes as the Islamic Republic has been expanding its relationship with the communist country in recent years.

The article noted that unlike more broad-based sanction measures in the past, the current proposal requires specific actions to be taken simultaneously by the two allies for any nuclear negotiations to continue.

The Islamic Republic would be required to stop its funding of the Hamas terrorist organization, withdraw from their $400 billion cooperation agreement with Beijing, and stop any bilateral military agreements with the Chinese.

Even if Tehran was compliant with the demands, the law would take an unusual step by requiring China to stop the ethnic oppression of the country’s Uyghurs for Iran to have any restrictions lifted.

In addition to canceling any covenants between the two countries, future nuclear agreements relating to Iran would require a two-thirds vote for approval in the Senate if the measure were signed into law.

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