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Russia Summons U.S. Ambassador Over Ukrainian Missile Strike That Caused Civilian Casualties

The missile attack on Crimea, June 23, 2024. twitter.com
The missile attack on Crimea, June 23, 2024. twitter.com

On Monday, Russia’s foreign ministry summoned the United States ambassador in protest of a Sunday missile attack in Crimea that reportedly killed four individuals and injured over 150.

The Russian Foreign Ministry announced that the purpose of the reprimand was to explain that Moscow will hold the U.S. responsible for the incident because the bombardment was done with five American-supplied ATACMS missiles, and that the guidance effort was done with information from their satellites.

“There will definitely be response measures,” a statement from the ministry warned.

Although Washington has maintained a policy of forbidding Kiev from conducting operations on Russia’s territory to prevent any regional escalations, these restrictions have been loosened by the Biden administration throughout the 28-month-long conflict.

The diplomatic situation comes as The Associated Press reported that an additional $150 million in munitions is expected to be sent to assist the Ukrainian military, including supplementary long-range missile systems.

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