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Syrian Man Thought to Be Dead in Syria Earthquake Comes Back to Life at Funeral


Following the recent earthquake that devastated Turkey and Syria, more and more miracle stories of survivors who managed to be rescued from the rubble continue to break as officials on the scene are still searching through destroyed buildings. The most recent story came from a town in Syria where a man woke up at his own funeral.

According to reports, while searching in the rubble, paramedics found Ahmad-Al-Magribi unresponsive, transferring his body to a morgue, where he stayed for two days until his family could identify him. News reports from local media outlets in Syria said that after being identified by his family members, his body was placed in a body and moved to a local cemetery.

As the funeral procession was about to begin, it was discovered that he was alive and well, prompting his family and friends present to take him to the hospital, where he is currently recovering. According to local media outlets, some have speculated that it could have been the case of a man whose heart was not beating and started to later on, but the reason for his "death" has not been clarified.

The earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria, one of the worst natural disasters in history, has killed upwards of 50,000 and injured more than several thousand. Following the massive devastation, various charities, NGOs, humanitarian aid organizations, and governments have sent aid to Turkey and Syria to clear the rubble, search for and recover survivors and deceased individuals, and provide food, water, and medicine to families who have lost everything.

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