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UNRWA Director Says His Organization Can Operate Until May

In February, military officials in Jerusalem reported that they found a Hamas data center under UNRWA’s Gaza headquarters.
UNRWA Director Philippe Lazzarini. un.org
UNRWA Director Philippe Lazzarini. un.org

The head of the embattled United Nations relief agency, UNRWA, told reporters on Tuesday that the institution has enough money to be operational until the end of May.

After reports emerged of associates of the organization allegedly participating in the October massacre in southern Israel, the long-time aid provider has faced recent budgetary challenges as some of its donors suspended funding.

UNRWA’s Commissioner-General, Philippe Lazzarini, previously claimed that he would have to cease all activities by the end of March because of the cash shortfalls that the financial disruption caused.

Due to a number of previously abstaining nations resuming their support, Lazzarini characterized UNRWA's current situation as "less dramatic," although he indicated that he is still "working from one month to the next."

The allegations against UNRWA stem from an Israeli intelligence report released earlier this year that suggested that as many as 10 percent of the agency’s 12,000 employees in Gaza are members of Hamas, and at least 12 of these individuals directly participated in the October rampage.

The United Nations is currently conducting an internal investigation regarding Israel's accusations.

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