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Watch Pfizer Exec on Hidden Camera: We’re Exploring Mutating COVID Ourselves

Pfizer executive Jordon Trishton Walker (video screenshot)
Pfizer executive Jordon Trishton Walker (video screenshot)

A research director with the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer said the corporation is secretly exploring intentionally creating mutations of the COVID virus to "preemptively develop new vaccines," and said COVID "is going to be a cash cow for us," in the latest undercover video by Project Veritas.

In the video released yesterday, Jordon Trishton Walker, Pfizer Director of Research and Development, Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planner, says, "One of the things we're exploring is like, why don't we just mutate it [COVID] ourselves so we could create – preemptively develop new vaccines, right? So, we have to do that. If we're gonna' do that though, there's a risk of like, as you could imagine – no one wants to be having a pharma company mutating f**king viruses."

"Don’t tell anyone. Promise you won’t tell anyone. The way it [the experiment] would work is that we put the virus in monkeys, and we successively cause them to keep infecting each other, and we collect serial samples from them," says Walker, who obviously has no idea he is being recorded.

"From what I’ve heard is they [Pfizer scientists] are optimizing it [COVID mutation process], but they’re going slow because everyone is very cautious – obviously they don’t want to accelerate it too much. I think they are also just trying to do it as an exploratory thing because you obviously don’t want to advertise that you are figuring out future mutations," he says.

"Don't tell anyone this. …There is a risk … have to be very controlled to make sure this virus you mutate doesn't create something … the way that the virus started in Wuhan, to be honest."

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