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With Scandal Revelations, Joe Biden Couldn’t Get a CIA Security Clearance, Intel Experts Say

Momentum builds to strip intel experts of clearances if they engage in election politics.

A pressure campaign to get communist China energy executives to pay money. Classified memos improperly stored in an insecure garage. An FBI informant’s allegation of bribery in Ukraine. A false claim of Russian disinformation to sway an election.

The swell of scandalous evidence engulfing Joe Biden’s family right now is raising a tantalizing question: if he weren’t president could he still get a security clearance if he applied for a job at the CIA or FBI?

The answer, some experts say, is an unequivocal “no.”

“I put it this way,” former CIA analyst and National Security Council chief of staff Fred Fleitz told Just the News recently. “If Joe Biden was applying for a job in the CIA, he wouldn't get a clearance given all these ethical conflicts and payments from China."

The reason, Fleitz said during an interview with the "John Solomon Reports" podcast, is “because there would be the concern that he might be compromised.”

Retired FBI Assistant Director for Intelligence Kevin Brock said Biden wouldn’t be an attractive candidate for an FBI agent’s job either, at least from a security perspective.

“Anyone who wants to become an FBI agent has to pass a polygraph specifically designed to determine if the applicant has any compromising entanglements with a hostile foreign power,” Brock explained to Just the News. “If Joe applied and said he had none, the machine might not recover. The closest he’d come to being an agent are those aviator sunglasses.”

Over the last six months, there have been bombshell revelations about the Biden family businesses overseas that include:

The FBI had a trusted informant who has alleged since 2017 that Biden was involved as vice president in a bribery scheme involving a Ukrainian executive. The allegation remains under investigation, the FBI claims.

Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign worked with former acting CIA Director Michael Morell to craft a letter from 51 intelligence analysts that claimed without evidence that son Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian disinformation – in an effort to sway the election.

Biden improperly took and stored classified documents from his White House and Senate years in his home garage and a private office in Washington, D.C. A special prosecutor is investigating.

The House Ways and Means Committee released evidence from IRS whistleblowers – including claims by a Biden family friend – alleging Biden met directly with communist Chinese energy executives at about the time son Hunter was pressing them for millions. In a text message, Hunter Biden invoked his father – claiming he was sitting along side him – as he pressured them to pay up.

Biden continues to deny any wrongdoing, though many of his claims dating to 2019 now conflict with public evidence. His son is prepared to plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax charges later this month, according to court records.

Beyond the concerns raised by the Biden family probes, several lawmakers in Congress are weighing new penalties for U.S. intelligence professionals with security clearances who use their credentials to try to influence elections, like the 2020 letter from the 51 experts about the Hunter Biden laptop.

The America First Policy Institute, a think tank populated by lots of former Trump administration officials like Fleitz that is influential among conservatives, is the latest to throw its weight behind the idea.

“At America First Policy Institute, we have a new initiative to try to hold former intelligence officers in line who do this kind of thing,” Fleitz explained. “They have their free speech rights.

“But we have this initiative. If they do things like this, they will not be allowed to hold security clearances, and a lot of them have security clearances or making huge amounts of money, some of them millions, as contractors, for intelligence and defense agencies.

“Well, if you use your intelligence profession to mislead the American people to influence the outcome of a presidential election, you are not entitled to have a security clearance,” he continued.

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