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‘A Catastrophe’: GOP Rep Slams NYC Mayor Eric Adams for Busing Migrants Out of Sanctuary City and into the Suburbs

Screenshot: Rep. Marc Molinaro
Screenshot: Rep. Marc Molinaro

By: Jennie Taer, Daily Caller News Foundation

Republican New York Rep. Marc Molinaro slammed Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams for busing migrants out of New York, a sanctuary city, to nearby suburbs, during a Friday zoom press conference.

Adams announced plans last week to bus migrants to Orange County and Rockland County, with the first of the buses arriving Thursday, according to Axios. Molinaro pointed out that the counties had declared a state of emergency over the prospect of the migrant arrivals, saying they don’t have the resources for them.

“The city of New York declared itself a sanctuary city by design. It said that individuals seeking asylum should find their way to the city. I don’t know what they expected that to mean, if not to welcome individuals,” Molinaro said.

“And beyond that, President Biden is engaged in this kind of relocation of individuals without coordination or care with local communities or states. And so this is just this has been a growing crisis, which is now a catastrophe,” Molinaro said.

Adams has also bused migrants to parts of New York near the U.S. northern border with Canada.

The influx in migrants arriving to the Big Apple is largely attributed to a busing effort Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott started in April 2022 that brought them straight from the southern border. The city has been spending roughly $8 million per day to support the migrants in their care.

Adams has criticized Abbott for politicizing the border crisis by sending the migrants out of his state.

“None of it is compassionate. And I’ve said this from day one, it is not compassionate to relocate people who are seeking asylum,” Molinaro said.

“It is not compassionate to relocate them in the way that it’s occurring. And I’ve said this before, whether it’s Republican or Democrat. But the real crisis and the lack of compassion exists because the federal government is not addressing border security in the way that suggests it needs to,” Molinaro said.

Adams’ office didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

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