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Biden Goes After ‘MAGA Republicans’ During Labor Day Speech

Screen Shot/Youtube/Global News/Joe Biden
Screen Shot/Youtube/Global News/Joe Biden

President Joe Biden went after “MAGA” Republican members of Congress during his Monday Labor Day speech in Milwaukee, Wisconsin just months before the midterm elections.

“I want to be very clear up front, not every Republican is a MAGA Republican. Not every Republican embraces that extreme ideology,” Biden said during his remarks. “I know because I’ve been able to work with mainstream Republicans in my whole career.” Biden continued. “But the extreme MAGA Republicans in Congress have chosen to go backwards, full of anger, violence, hate and division.”

Biden specifically mentioned Republican Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, who is currently up for reelection, saying Johnson called the Jan. 6 Capitol riot was a peaceful protest.

“Extreme MAGA Republicans don’t just threaten our personal rights and our economic security. They embrace political violence,” Biden said. “Sen. Johnson said it was a by and large a peaceful protest,” Biden said. “Have you seen the video of what happened that day? Listened to the stories of the members from both parties of Congress and the jeopardy they were put in? Cops attacked and assaulted, speared with flag poles, sprayed with mace, stomped down, dragged, brutalized.”

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