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Families Of Uvalde Shooting Victims Plan to File $27 Billion Lawsuit

Families of Uvalde shooting victims plan to file $27 billion lawsuit
Families of Uvalde shooting victims plan to file $27 billion lawsuit

The families of victims of the mass shooting at a Texas elementary school earlier this year are planning to file a $27 billion lawsuit against the school district police force for its response to the attack.

The lawsuit, which is set to be filed in September, will argue the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District fell short in its response to the Robb Elementary School shooting. A notice of claim, which attorney Charles Bonner told ABC News has been served to the district, cites a House report that determined the police department “failed to exercise command and control of law enforcement.”

The $27 billion sum will go toward compensating the families of the victims and funding mental health resources, according to Bonner.

“People have a right to life under the 14th Amendment, and what we’ve seen here is that the law enforcement agencies have shown a deliberate conscious disregard of the life,” Bonner told KSAT. “Everyone in this world are hurting and bleeding about what is happening here in Uvalde. And it’s up to us to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

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