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Former MSNBC Host Says Network Reprimanded Her for Criticizing Hillary Clinton

Twice-failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on MSNBC
Twice-failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on MSNBC

Former MSNBC host Krystal Ball said she was scolded by network executives for less-than-favorable coverage of Hillary Clinton in 2014.

"Next time you do any commentary on Hillary Clinton, it has to get approved by the president of the network," executives told Ball after she aired a monologue critiquing Clinton's Wall Street connections and unfavorability among voters, the former network anchor revealed during an interview with podcast host Joe Rogan.

During the monologue, Ball discussed how "people are gonna hate this lady" and that Clinton was a "terrible candidate for the moment."

Although she continued to cover Clinton, Ball said the network's warning gave her pause on criticizing the failed Democratic presidential candidate.

Nearly a decade later, MSNBC regularly gushes over President Joe Biden, whose approval rating sits around 44 percent, according to the RealClearPolitics polling average.

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