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Hobbs Asked Mayorkas for More Border Support, Continuing to Bus Migrants North

Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs in Nogales, Ariz. with Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. thecentersquare.com
Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs in Nogales, Ariz. with Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. thecentersquare.com

By: Cameron Arcand | The Center Square

Gov. Katie Hobbs expressed frustration with the federal government on its handling of the border crisis in a meeting with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas last week.

On Monday morning, Hobbs went into her conversation with the immigration head, in which she asked for increased federal support. When The Center Square asked about issues at Arizona ports of entry, Hobbs said it was part of the conversation.

"I shared how frustrated we were that that happened," she told reporters in Glendale. "They're pulling people away from their jobs to deal with the flow of migrants, and we had very little communication about it. He committed to doing better at the communication part, letting us know more ahead of time. We have assurances that they're working to fill positions, and that's what we need."

She also told The Center Square that the busing policy of some migrants is still in effect.

"Yeah. As we're seeing increases in folks coming in the NGO network at their capacity, we're continuing to provide support and that includes busing," she said.

Hobbs and leaders in southern Arizona were part of a chorus of criticism after Customs and Border Protection shifted some of their personnel from five legal ports of entry in Arizona in order to bolster Border Patrol efforts. Officials raised concerns about the security risk it poses, longer wait times, and the lack of staff available to manage the crisis at the border, The Center Square reported.

When it came to federal funding to support border security, the governor criticized the five Republican congressmen who voted against the continuing resolution this weekend to temporarily keep the government open.

"I was in Washington D.C. last week talking with the secretary about how our border communities are struggling because of lack of resources. And this is just one more hit they're gonna take," she said. "It should be a priority, and it should be a priority for the members of Arizona's delegation who continue to rail on the border. Five of them voted against the CR and were willing to shut the government down over it. They need to do their jobs."

All of Arizona's Democrats in the congressional delegation voted in favor of the continuing resolution Hobbs had mentioned, but Rep. Juan Ciscomani was the only Arizona Republican to vote for it. Ninety Republicans and one Democrat voted against the continuing resolution. On border security specifically, the issue is a major topic of discussion for funding beyond the 45-day stopgap.

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