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MLB Teams are Funding Organizations That Promote Child Sex Changes


Major League Baseball (MLB) franchises have funded and supported organizations that promote and in some cases perform child sex change procedures through fundraisers, charity partnerships and a resource guide of LGBT organizations, a National Review investigation found.

Numerous MLB franchises hold LGBT Pride Nights, often in partnership with LGBT organizations who receive fundraising proceeds, according to NR. Some of these organizations perform sex change procedures on children or advocate against legal restrictions for child sex changes and encourage minors to undergo these procedures without parental consent.

The league’s Pride Resource Guide links readers to several LGBT organizations, which it refers to as “social justice groups,” that promote gender transitions for youths. At least 20 MLB franchises have promoted or funded groups that advocate for youth sex changes, five of which promoted or funded groups that administer chemical or surgical sex changes to youths, according to NR.

Another six of those events funded or promoted groups that advocate against legal restrictions on child sex changes and endorse “gender inclusive” school curriculum; five promoted or funded groups that encourage and enable youth sex changes by providing resources; and four promoted or funded groups that write referrals or partner with clinics that perform chemical or surgical sex changes on minors, according to NR.

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