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Nearly Half of Americans Approve of Winter Olympics Boycott

The only other time the U.S. has taken a similar action was when it fully boycotted the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow.
Nearly half of Americans approve of Winter Olympics boycott
Winter Olympics – Flame handover ceremony in Athens for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics – Panathenaic Stadium, Athens, Greece – October 19, 2021 The flags of China and the Olympics are seen being raised before the ceremony REUTERS/Alkis Konstantinidis/File Photo


Nearly half of American adults say they approve of the U.S. diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics — although 45% admitted they hadn't heard anything about it, according to new polling by Pew Research Center.

Why it matters: The XXIV Winter Games begin this week in Beijing. In protest of China's human rights abuses toward Uyghur Muslims, the U.S. will be sending athletes but no government or diplomatic officials, as announced in December.

By the numbers: It's an issue with rare bipartisan support. 50% of Democratic or Democratic-leaning respondents, along with 45% of Republican and Republican-leaning respondents, told Pew they — at least somewhat — approve of the boycott.

  • Fewer than one in four overall disapproved of it.
  • Roughly 30% were unsure, driven mostly by the large number who said they hadn't heard anything about it.

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