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NYC Mayor Claims 50% of Hotel Rooms in City are Being Occupied by Illegal Migrants

New York City is spending roughly $8 million a day to provide shelter for the recent surge of migrants, officials said during a city council meeting.
Mayor Eric Adams reported that hotels contracted by the city to house migrants are filling up. Matthew McDermott
Mayor Eric Adams reported that hotels contracted by the city to house migrants are filling up. Matthew McDermott

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has raised concerns about the severity of the migrant crisis, stating that approximately 50% of hotel rooms in the city are currently occupied by undocumented immigrants. Adams made these remarks during a recent press briefing in Manhattan, where he addressed criticism regarding his handling of the crisis.

Adams emphasized the pressing need for suitable accommodations to house the growing number of individuals seeking asylum. He highlighted the impact on New York City, known as a hub for tourism and major events. The mayor stressed that nearly half of the hotel rooms, a significant portion of the city's economic engine, are now being utilized by migrant asylum seekers.

However, Adams' claims have faced skepticism from members of his own party. City Councilwoman Diana Ayala expressed doubts about the feasibility of such a high occupancy rate, stating that the math does not support Adams' assertion. While it is true that an estimated 65,000 migrants have arrived in New York City in recent months, many have been placed in alternative locations such as school gyms and homeless shelters.

In addition to urging his constituents to acknowledge the seriousness of the situation, Adams called on the federal government to provide more assistance to his administration in addressing the border crisis. He expressed concerns about the redirection of funds that would typically come from tourism and visitor spending, which are now being utilized to house migrants instead.

Efforts to corroborate Adams' claim with hotel officials were inconclusive, as various establishments declined to provide specific information when contacted by the New York Daily News.

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