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Pompeo Wants Biden to Deny Iranian President a U.S. Visa, Citing Active Plots to Kill U.S. Officials

Former secretary of state Mike Pompeo in February / Grabien
Former secretary of state Mike Pompeo in February / Grabien

Former secretary of state Mike Pompeo is calling on the Biden administration to deny Iran's president a visa to enter the United States and attend U.N. ceremonies next month, citing Tehran's active plots to assassinate him and other top U.S. officials.

Pompeo, one of the main targets of Iran's assassination campaign, told the Washington Free Beacon in his first public comments on the matter that the Biden administration is setting a dangerous precedent by permitting Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi into America just weeks after the hardline regime threatened to "turn New York into ruins and hell" with an intercontinental ballistic missile strike.

"We worked for four years to deny Iranian terrorists the freedom to put Americans at risk," Pompeo told the Washington Free Beacon. "This administration is allowing them to come to New York City while actively engaged in efforts to kill Americans on U.S. soil. The Iranians just recently sponsored an attack that was almost successful in killing an American in that very city. We can do better."

Nikki Haley, the former ambassador to the United Nations during the Trump administration, told the Free Beacon the U.N. is providing a megaphone to the leader’s of the world’s top sponsor of terror.

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