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Port Authority Volunteers Enticing Migrants to Exit NYC with Free Bus Trips

A busload of migrants pulls into the Port Authority in New York. (Getty Images)
A busload of migrants pulls into the Port Authority in New York. (Getty Images)

The illegal migrants being shipped to New York City are turning to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the world's busiest bus terminal, for answers when coordinating their next moves.

And some of these moves reportedly involve free bus tickets and the promise of possible employment — elsewhere.

According to The City publication, the asylum-seeking migrants are being encouraged to accept benefits that would lead to starting their lives outside of the New York area.

As one example, The City chronicled the travails of a 21-year-old Venezuelan migrant named Alexander Febres Gonzalez. At Port Authority last Wednesday — or five days since arriving in New York for the first time, via Denver and El Paso, Texas — Gonzalez said he had been greeted with an offer of a free bus ticket to another part of the country.

For Gonzalez, his new destination would be Chicago, another so-called "sanctuary" city in America.

"The process isn't too difficult," Gonzalez told The City in Spanish, regarding the process of securing a free bus ticket to another major city. "You get here and they attend to you. You talk to them, and if they have the availability, they give it to you. If not, you have to wait."

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