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Reporter: Big Tech is Trying to “Rewrite History” in Wake of Capitol Riot

Elijah Schaffer, National Reporter at The Blaze, who is currently facing scrutiny from Left-wing media outlets for entering the Capitol Jan. 6 to report on the protest, says big tech is trying to “rewrite history” in the aftermath of the riot, creating an unstable society that will likely lead to more civil unrest.

“I really am afraid for our country and for these tech companies who are creating a society that is meant to implode, and I would say I am starting to believe that this is by design…This is a political opportunity to hold power,” said Schaffer on The Foreign Desk with Lisa Daftari podcast Tuesday.

Schaffer does not believe big tech banned President Donald Trump because they believe he was responsible for the riots but believes censorship is being used as “retribution for big tech companies in the ruling class, now as we know them, to completely crush political opposition going forward and to rewrite history.”

While Schaffer does not condone the actions taken at the Capitol, he expressed frustration at the hypocrisy of the Democrat party for ostracizing Trump-supporters for years, telling them “they were less valuable, sub-human, their votes didn’t matter, they were racist, sexist.”

Schaffer believes Democrat lawmakers set the precedent for the Capitol breach through failed policies and double standards implemented in the midst of Black Lives Matter riots throughout the country.

“The failed policies are what led to this. When you don’t punish rioters for 10 months, and you let them off the hook and you create a national sentiment that people can break into public buildings, can occupy them, can riot, and be let go, even if they’re arrested the district attorneys will let them go, you are enabling people who might have previously never thought of doing these things to feel like they’re ok to do them,” said Schaffer.

“When you dehumanize and ostracize people until they feel like they have no power, they often use violence as a last resort,” which Schaffer points out is the exact reasoning used to understand why many BLM protests turned violent.

Schaffer has been regularly covering civil unrest and riots for 10 months, sometimes covering three riots in one week but is receiving major backlash from the Left for entering the Capitol to cover the riot, despite law enforcement allowing him entrance with his press pass.

“A lot of publications have smeared me with being a racist or being an extremist, because I’ve done the job they were supposed to do,” said Schaffer.

“They are trying to get me imprisoned for 10 years as many of these activists have stated online…They will not rest until I am locked up for a decade, and that shows you what kind of political fight we’re up against that just recording from the inside creates an opportunity for your opposition. They’re not happy with just ruining your financial future, your social reputation, they want to see you as a political prisoner because you were doing your job.”

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