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Twitter Cofounder Jack Dorsey Praised for Posting ‘End the CCP’

Others criticized Dorsey’s tweet against the Chinese Communist Party.
Twitter's Jack Dorsey is thought to own just two per cent of the company he co-founded (David Becker/Getty Images)
Twitter’s Jack Dorsey is thought to own just two per cent of the company he co-founded (David Becker/Getty Images)

Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey is receiving praise for tweeting “End the CCP” in response to a video about the Chinese Communist Party’s stringent COVID-19 precautions.

Dorsey’s tweet against the CCP on Saturday came as a reply to a CNN video about China’s “Zero COVID” strategy, which still includes constant monitoring more than two years after COVID-19 broke out in Wuhan, China.

“Based Jack? Yooooooooooo,” Arizona Republican state Sen. Wendy Rogers responded to Dorsey.

“I’m sure CCP will be announcing momentarily that all its party officials, state media and bots will be boycotting Twitter, right? Please?” lawyer and Hong Kong human rights activist Samuel Bickett replied.

Twitter is blocked in China, but CCP officials often use the platform to push the party’s narrative. 

Dorsey replied with a frown emoji to Hong Kong-based blogger Jane Manchun Wong, who said: “At this point, this Zero-COVID strategy being pushed from top-down has become an ideological war — to show West their way is the right way[.] Other officials are trying to move past this by inventing new terms like ‘dynamic Zero-COVID’ but it’ll only be over if the leader wants to.”

Epoch Times producer Aric Chen replied to Dorsey: “Good move! End the CCP!”

Others were not so pleased with Dorsey’s criticism. 

“Here is ex Twitter CEO and finance billionaire oligarch Jack Dorsey calling for overthrowing the Chinese government (because it’s saving lives from covid, after 1 million people in the US died),” tweeted Multipolarista reporter Benjamin Norton. “Anyone who praised this neocon imperialist as a ‘brave free speech warrior’ was duped.”

Writer Karen Geiger replied to Dorsey: “America has had 1.03 million COVID deaths. China built 15 hospitals in 10 days and ended extreme poverty while fighting COVID and despite having 1.3 billion people, has only had 5,226 deaths. End America more like it.”

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