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White House Moves to Boost Cybersecurity at Federal Agencies

Others major cyberattacks in the past year include the targeting of meat-packing processor JBS USA and the stock-trading platform Robinhood.
White House moves to boost cybersecurity at federal agencies
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The Hill

The White House announced on Wednesday new measures to boost cybersecurity within federal agencies following increased cyberattacks on private and public U.S. infrastructure.

According to a memo released by Shalanda Young, the acting director for the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), agencies will be transitioning to a "zero trust" approach that assumes no actor, system or network operating outside the security perimeter is to be trusted. 

"Instead, we must verify anything and everything attempting to establish access," the memo reads, calling it a "dramatic paradigm shift in philosophy of how we secure our infrastructure, networks, and data."

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