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Biden Campaign Joins TikTok Despite National Security Warnings from Administration

Most U.S. states ban TikTok from government devices.
Getty Images
Getty Images

President Joe Biden's campaign joined TikTok despite concerns about national security on the platform, which is banned on federal devices.

Biden talked Sunday in his first TikTok video, which is 31 seconds long, about his thoughts on the Super Bowl.

Biden is not expected to personally join TikTok, nor are others in his administration, his aides told The Associated Press. The campaign team will completely run the account.

The FBI has repeatedly issued warnings about TikTok over the past several years, over concerns that ByteDance, TikTok's Beijing-based parent company, could give user data over to the Chinese government.

While most U.S. states ban TikTok from government devices, Federal Communications Commission Commissioner Brendan Carr has said the app should be completely banned.

Last month, House Republicans requested to meet with the FBI and Homeland Security Department to discuss concerns about potential security issues presented by TikTok.

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