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Brand-New Virus Made in China Has 100% Kill Rate

‘I could see how much stuff might go wrong’
Photo by Edward Jenner on Pexels
Photo by Edward Jenner on Pexels

In a development that could end up making the COVID-19 pandemic that killed millions around the world a minor footnote, a new study has confirmed experimentation by Chinese scientists of a mutant strain that killed ALL of the mice in a study test.


The New York Post describes the study as "Wuhan-esque" for the Chinese city where its Institute of Virology is located, and from which COVID-19 likely escaped, or was released.

The report said the new death sentence is known as GX_P2V and attacked "the brains of mice that were engineered to reflect genetic makeup similar to people."

"This underscores a spillover risk of GX_P2V into humans and provides a unique model for understanding the pathogenic mechanisms of SARS-CoV-2-related viruses," the study said.

The threat didn't come by accident. The Post report reveals the virus is a mutation, a manipulated version, of GX/2017, a coronavirus cousin that was reportedly discovered in Malaysian pangolins in 2017.

Pangolins are scaly anteaters.

The report said "all" of the mice infected during a test "died within just eight days."

The deadly threat "infected the lungs, bones, eyes, tracheas and brains of the dead mice, the last of which was severe enough to ultimately cause the death of the animals," the report said.

The study does not specifically say how it would affect people, but, the Post reported, Francois Balloux, an epidemiologist at University College London’s Genetics Institute, said the research was "terrible" and "pointless" scientifically.

"I can see nothing of vague interest that could be learned from force-infecting a weird breed of humanized mice with a random virus. Conversely, I could see how much stuff might go wrong," he explained to social media readers.

He noted biosafety details were left out.

"The absence of this information raises the concerning possibility that part or all of this research, like the research in Wuhan in 2016-2019 that likely caused the Covid-19 pandemic, recklessly was performed without the minimal biosafety containment and practices essential for research with potential pandemic pathogens."

Dr. Gennadi Glinsky, a retired professor of medicine at Stanford, warned, "This madness must be stopped before too late."

It now is known that American bureaucrats funded the work in China when scientists were using COVID-19 in experiments intended to make it more dangerous, on which they then could perform studies to develop a combatant.

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