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China Allegedly Used Laser Against Coast Guard, the Philippines Say

[Screenshot/YouTube/South China Morning Post]
[Screenshot/YouTube/South China Morning Post]

A Chinese vessel allegedly used a military-grade laser against a Philippine coast guard vessel in the South China Sea in what officials said Monday is a “blatant” violation of Manila’s rights and sovereignty.

The incident occurred as the Philippine patrol vessel BRP Malapascua was attempting to deliver food and supplies to Second Thomas Shoal, a submerged reef occupied by Philippine forces, on Feb. 6, the Philippine coast guard said in a statement to The Associated Press (AP).

As the Philippine vessel approached the reef, it encountered a Chinese patrol vessel that reportedly blocked its path and then used a military-grade laser to temporarily blind the crew of the BRP Malapascua.

“The Chinese ship illuminated the green laser light twice toward the BRP Malapascua, causing temporary blindness to her crew at the bridge,” a statement from the Philippine Coast Guard said, according to The AP.

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