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Should the U.S. Military Be Worried About China’s Stealth Bombers?

Should the U.S. Military Be Worried About China’s Stealth Bombers?

From: National Interest

A rough portrait emerges of the JH-XX as a supersonic regional bomber that doubles as a stealthy, long-distance interceptor. With its blend of anti-ship and anti-air capabilities, China’s latest fighter seems even more tailor-made than the H-20 for countering American Carrier Battle Groups.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) is developing not one, but two stealth bombers, according to a Defense Intelligence Agency report published earlier this year. A steady stream of details has emerged concerning one of them– the H-20 is a long-distance flying wing stealth bomber, with a robust electronic countermeasures (ECM) package and sensor fusion integration. Nevertheless, Chinese defense sources remain tight-lipped concerning the PLAAF’s second project.

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