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Chinese Students Running Distribution for Drug Cartels: Former DEA Official

“So that’s enabling the cartels to do more business. Chemicals are coming in, money’s flowing, kids are dying. That’s a perfect strategic plan for China.”

Former Drug Enforcement Agency Special Operations Director Derek Maltz Sr. on Friday outlined the involved of Chinese college students entering the U.S. on student visas in distributing drugs on behalf of various cartels.

Speaking on the "Just the News, No Noise" television show, Maltz highlighted the severity of the crisis, lamenting that "kids are dying left and right."

"The sad part is I've been tracking this for over 10 years as China and their chemical lab operators had been providing synthetic powerful chemicals to our citizens directly at first, and then they decided to divert the chemical, you know, exports into Mexico," he said. "The cartels are operating with impunity; they are destroying our country."

"We've never had in the history of this country, a terrorist organization that's killing this many Americans," he continued. "So yes, we have a very serious crisis now."

"But here's the deal right now, not only the cartels facilitating the distribution of the poison by providing the chemicals, what they're doing is they have the young Chinese students here in America that are meeting with cartels around the country picking up suitcases of cash," he asserted. "The cash is getting turned over to Chinese businessmen in America. They're gambling with this money. But most importantly, they're buying real estate… all over our country."

Chinese land purchases near sensitive national security installations have attracted scrutiny in recent months as tensions mount between Beijing and Washington over myriad issues such as Taiwan and alleged TikTok surveillance.

"So it's the Chinese students that are here that are actually engaging in this activity," Maltz went on. "And they may not know exactly what they're doing, but they're picking up millions of dollars. And then the Chinese are laundering the money, getting the money back to the cartels very efficiently and effectively and timely."

"So that's enabling the cartels to do more business. Chemicals are coming in, money's flowing, kids are dying. That's a perfect strategic plan for China," he concluded.

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