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Former Chief of Staff to the NSC Says the Biden Administration is Worried About Offending the CCP

‘This is a time for presidential leadership and Joe Biden has failed again,’ Fred Fleitz said.

Former chief of staff to the National Security Council Fred Fleitz says that the Biden administration won't speak out against China's censorship and abuse of its own people because they don't want to offend the Chinese Communist Party.

Protests broke out in China over the weekend against the government's zero-COVID policies, with thousands of protesters in Shanghai chanting "Xi Jinping, step down" and "Communist party, step down."

"What better moment for the United States to speak out on behalf of freedom and on behalf of all people fighting for freedom?" Fleitz asked on the John Solomon Reports podcast. "Why won't the Biden administration do this? My guess is they're so concerned about the economy and inflation. They're worried about offending the Chinese Communist Party."

Fleitz explained that as a result of this, the United States is in desperate need of leadership and is currently lacking it.

"Their priorities are extremely backwards. This is a time for presidential leadership and Joe Biden has failed again," Fleitz said.

According to Fleitz, the Chinese people know that their government is corrupt and lying, but the China surveillance state is severe and many protesters could end up in jail.

"There's incredibly aggressive propaganda and press censorship," Fleitz explained. "Chinese citizens can't get on the internet outside of China. And if you protest in this country and they arrest you, you're subject to a very harsh prison sentence."

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