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Fox Business Contributor Claims Protests in China Are About More Than COVID, ‘They Are Calling for End to Communism’

Twitter/Screenshot/public user: DailyCaller

“Foreign Desk” editor-in-chief Lisa Daftari told Fox Business Monday that China’s COVID-19 protests are a cry to end communism.

“This is not just a COVID protest, and I know a lot of media reports will tell you it is,” Daftari told Charles Payne. “What we’re hearing on the streets of China is for President Xi to step down. They’re calling for an end to communism.” Daftari called the COVID lockdowns merely the “proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.”

“This is a much bigger movement than what we’re seeing in terms of just a COVID protest,” she added.

While many protestors seemingly oppose China’s ruling regime, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), videos from the protests show some demonstrators waving the Chinese flag, indicating support for their current government. A Chinese twitter user noted that these kind of protestors are sending the message, “I am against a policy, not the nation/CCP.”

Protests began in China on Friday after ten people allegedly died the previous night from a rising flame that engulfed an apartment complex in the city of Urumqi. The CCP has reportedly kept the city’s 4 million residents in lockdown for as long as 100 days, the longest lockdown the country has enforced so far, Reuters reported.

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