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North Korea Cracks Down on ‘Capitalist’ Fashion Trends: Bans Dyed Hair, Skinny Jeans

Violators of the policy will be stopped by the Socialist Patriot Youth League.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is expanding his anti-Western sentiments to include banning such fashion items as tight jeans, piercings, and unnaturally colored hair, according to a recent news report.

Radio Free Asia reports that the North's Socialist Patriot Youth League is specifically targeting women in their 20s and 30s who wear clothing designed with large foreign letters and/or wear their hair long or dyed. 

An unnamed North Korean resident told the U.S. government-funded news outlet the rogue North Korean government is also targeting women wearing curve-hugging pants.

Individuals who are seen wearing styles outdoors that are identified as conveying a "capitalist flair" will reportedly be taken to the Youth League office, where they will be made to confess their misdeeds in writing. They will be released once someone brings them attire deemed more appropriate.

According to the anonymous source cited by Radio Free Asia, the new rules were announced last month when Youth League officials said that modeling one's appearance after those in capitalist nations violates the socialist practices of the North. 

Young men and women caught sporting foreign fashions the state has banned will have their employers notified, and in severe cases, have their name, home address, and workplace revealed publicly via government-controlled propaganda outlets. 

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