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Report: North Korea Expanding Work at Major Nuclear Center

The United States and its allies have called on North Korea to abandon its nuclear program and return to negotiations.

In recent weeks, there has been a flurry of activity around the Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center in North Korea, according to recent commercial satellite imagery published by 38 North. The activity has raised concerns among the international community about the country's nuclear program.

The Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center, located about 100 kilometers north of the North Korean capital, Pyongyang, is the country's main nuclear facility. It is believed to be responsible for the production of plutonium, a key component in nuclear weapons.

The recent activity includes the movement of vehicles and personnel in and out of the facility, as well as the construction of new buildings and the expansion of existing ones. Satellite images also show increased activity around the facility's nuclear reactor and the reprocessing plant.

North Korea has a long history of nuclear weapons development and testing, and the country has been under international sanctions for its nuclear program since 2006. Despite the sanctions, the country has continued to develop its nuclear capabilities, and launch missiles capable of delivering nuclear warheads.

The recent activity at the Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center is particularly concerning given the recent tension between North Korea and the United States. In recent months, North Korea has conducted several missile tests, and the United States has responded with military exercises in the region.

Experts warn that North Korea's nuclear program is a serious threat to regional and global security. The country's continued development of nuclear weapons could lead to a nuclear arms race in the region, as well as the possibility of nuclear conflict.

The United States and its allies have called on North Korea to abandon its nuclear program and return to negotiations. However, North Korea has refused to do so, saying that its nuclear program is necessary for its national defense.

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