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Tokyo Warned Citizens to Seek Shelter as N. Korea Launched Ballistic Missile Over Japan

The North Korean flag flies above the North Korean embassy in Beijing on March 9, 2018. (Greg Baker/AFP via Getty Images)

North Korea fired a ballistic missile on Tuesday that reportedly passed over Japan at around 7.29 a.m. local time, according to Japanese officials. South Korea also reported observing North Korea firing a missile.

The Japanese government issued alerts warning citizens in the Hokkaido and Aomori prefectures to take shelter in sturdy buildings or underground amid reports of a suspected missile launch. Japanese citizens were warned to monitor the news for updates.

The American Citizen Services section of the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo, which provides information to U.S. citizens in Japan, shared the alert on Twitter.

“The Japanese government is warning that North Korea appears to have launched at least one ballistic missile. There’s a possibility it’s heading toward Japan. The government is urging everyone in the country to monitor news media,” it said.

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