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Rescued: New Yorker Abducted in Mexico Found in Jungle with Wrists Bound, Eyes Taped Shut

His kidnappers abandoned him in the remote Limones jungle, approximately 200 miles southwest of Cancun.
Man kidnapped | Shutterstock
Man kidnapped | Shutterstock

A man originally from New York, now residing in Mexico, narrowly escaped harm when he was kidnapped by a group of unidentified kidnappers demanding a $200,000 ransom.

Joseph Constantine Buonincontri's eyes were taped shut, and he was bound at the wrists and ankles by his kidnappers. They abandoned him in the remote Limones jungle, approximately 200 miles southwest of Cancun.

Residents alerted the authorities to armed individuals in a taxi traveling from Tulum, a renowned resort destination, to the isolated jungle region. This information prompted a rescue operation involving the Mexican military and National Guard.

The 35-year-old American was found alive but tied up in a makeshift hut, as reported by Mexican authorities. A backpack containing marijuana, a tactical vest, and loaded AR-15 magazines were also recovered by authorities.

The kidnappers, responsible for Buonincontri's abduction on Feb. 4, remain unidentified and at large, as reported by local Mexican news outlets and the prosecutor's office.

A brief video of the rescue, featured in a news report, revealed the moment authorities discovered Buonincontri.

A soldier inquired twice about Buonincontri's well-being and whether he needed food or water.

In response, Buonincontri reportedly asked for a cigarette and to remove the tape from his eyes.

The video captures Mexican authorities reassuring Buonincontri about his well-being and identifying themselves to the man in distress.

In the conversation, Buonincontri can be heard informing the soldiers that he is from New York, living in the area, and visiting his child's godmother in Limones.

The Mexican soldier questioned Buonincontri about whether he remembered the events and the time of his abduction.

“No, I can't recall the day, and I don't even know today's date,” he told Mexican authorities.

Buonincontri's response was notably calm, considering the circumstances.

The state's prosecutor's office issued a statement officially confirming the recovery of X, expressing gratitude to the Mexican Army, National Guard, and local police.

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