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Ana De Armas Fans Sue Universal For $5 Million For Cutting Her Out Of ‘Yesterday’

Ana de Armas’ role as Roxanne was cut out of the film ‘Yesterday’ in 2019
Ana de Armas fans sue Universal for $5 million for cutting her out of 'Yesterday'
Ana de Armas’ fans sued the studio behind the movie “Yesterday.” (Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images for Campari)

Fox News

Two fans of actress Ana de Armas are suing the studio behind the 2019 film "Yesterday" after "Blade Runner" star was cut out of the final release. 

The actress appeared in the trailer for the film about a young singer and songwriter who wakes up one day to find that the world had somehow forgotten the music of The Beatles. Seizing the opportunity, he suddenly becomes a worldwide sensation when he passes off their music as his own. 

According to the complaint, which was obtained by Fox News Digital, Conor Woulfe, 38, of Maryland, and Peter Michael Rosza, 44, of San Diego County, Calif. filed a class action complaint in the United States District Court of Central California against Universal. After they spent $3.99 each to rent the movie on Amazon Prime, they were upset to discover that the actress’ part had been cut out of the movie.

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