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BBC Apologizes for its ‘Disdainful’ Treatment of Jewish Concerns

The BBC's Broadcasting House (Getty Images)
The BBC’s Broadcasting House (Getty Images)

The BBC has apologised for years of “unacceptable” handling of complaints about anti-Israel bias in its Arabic output, which activists say represented a “disdainful” attitude towards Jewish concerns.

It is an early victory in the JC campaign to restore impartiality to the broadcaster. Our petition demanding a parliamentary inquiry into its coverage of Jews and Israel is approaching 6,000 signatures and can be signed at theJC.com/BBCPetition.

Since the Gaza war in May 2021, BBC responses to complaints about Israel coverage have taken up to a year, with some ignored completely.

Even when complaints are acknowledged and upheld, issuing corrections is often delayed further or in some cases is not done at all.

The BBC Charter requires a framework that provides “transparent, accessible, effective, timely and proportionate methods” of fixing problems.

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