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Bomb Found at Swedish Concert Featuring Iranian Dissident Singer Ebi

Iranian dissident Ebi, whose real name is Ebrahim Hamedi. (screenshot)
Iranian dissident Ebi, whose real name is Ebrahim Hamedi. (screenshot)

Swedish police defused an explosive device found at an outdoor culture festival in central Stockholm, after evacuating hundreds of people from the area, police said Monday.

The bomb squad was called in on Sunday evening after an abandoned bag was found in the Kungstradgarden park in the city center, where various musical and theater events were being held.

The five-day Stockholm Culture Festival included a concert by Iranian pop singer Ebi, whose real name is Ebrahim Hamedi, and who is a known Iranian dissident.

It is unclear whether Hamedi was the intended target of the explosive device. The incident comes just two weeks after Hadi Matar stabbed dissident author Salman Rushdie, who had been the subject of a fatwa placed upon him by Iran’s former leader Ayatollah Khomeini.

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