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Iranian Advocacy Groups Rip European Governments for ‘Coddling’ Iranian Regime, Demand Cutting Ties


Over half-a-dozen Iranian advocacy groups issued a letter calling out European governments for “complacency” toward the brutal Islamic regime, while demanding more sanctions and cutting diplomatic ties with the Islamic republic as ongoing protests continue to rock cities across Iran.

A diverse array of Iranian advocacy groups and Middle Eastern organizations in the diaspora penned a letter to European leaders on Wednesday in light of the latter’s alleged attitude toward human rights abuses committed by the Islamic regime, including the violent crackdown against peaceful protesters.

The letter, led by Iranian Americans for Liberty (IAL), has six signatories: the Constitutional Party of Iran (CPI), American Mideast Coalition for Democracy (AMCD), Persian American Civic Action Network (PACAN), European Iranian Association for Peace and Friendship (EIAPF), Council of Iranian Canadians (CIC), and the Association for the Promotion of Open Society (APOS). 

The groups are seeking to bring to the attention of European leaders the ongoing “uprising” that has taken place in Iran for six weeks now, while petitioning for “policies and actions consistent with [their] core values as European leaders.”

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