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IOC to Exclude Russian and Belarusian Athletes in Paris Opening Ceremonies

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The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced on Tuesday that participants from Russa and Belarus will not be permitted to partake in the opening ceremonies at the upcoming Paris Olympics. The IOC estimates that the rule will affect 58 members of their athletic delegations.

Scheduled to commence on July 26, the inauguration is planned to begin with a boat parade carrying the athletes down the Seine River. The affected individuals will only be allowed “to experience the event.”

Due to their involvement in the war in Ukraine, the two sanctioned nations are not allowed to assemble official teams. However, to ensure that all athletes from these countries are not penalized, the IOC is permitting certain individuals to be recognized under a "neutral status," thus preserving their eligibility for participation in the games.

“Neutral status Olympians,” must undergo a separate vetting process to ensure that they have not shown support for the ongoing conflict or are members of any of their respective government’s security services.

Anastasiia Kirpichnikova, a Russian swimmer, has opted to compete for France, whereas her compatriot Aleksandr Komarov will be joining the Serbian Greco-Roman wrestling team.

The group will be represented by a separate IOC designated flag and national anthem.

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