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Israel Successfully Uses Naval ‘Iron Dome’ for First Time

The IDF's Sa'ar 6-class corvette. IDF
The IDF’s Sa’ar 6-class corvette. IDF

Military officials in Israel announced on Tuesday that a hostile attack drone was neutralized by a sea-based missile system for the first time.

The ship deployed ‘C-Dome’, a nautical version of the successful ‘Iron Dome’ platform, intercepted the loitering munition after being launched by an Israeli Sa’ar 6-class corvette.

The drone was reportedly traveling on an easterly course towards Eilat when IDF air-defense units became aware of it.

The incursion was likely to have been initiated by Houthi militants in Yemen, who have been waging an unrestricted war on the region’s commercial shipping since the start of the conflict in Gaza. The Iran-backed group has fired other aerial weapons at the Jewish state throughout their terror campaign.

Eilat has become a frequent target of the Houthi’s attacks, including a March incident where a cruise missile deployed by the organization landed near the city.

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