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Videos: Anti-Regime Demonstrations Intensify Across Iran

Iranian Protestors

Anti-government demonstrations in Iran are escalating and spreading to more cities across the country as protesters who initially began expressing their grievances against the government for the skyrocketing price of bread and other basic food items are now calling for the removal of the Supreme Leader and a toppling of the current regime.

This comes as world leaders, dominated by the United States and the European Union, are continuing to push for a nuclear deal with Tehran that would release billions of dollars to Iran's regime. The protesters blame their government and the current inflation, calling them out for the misuse of funds in pouring billions of dollars into supporting terror proxies throughout the region instead of providing subsidies to the Iranian people.

The Foreign Desk is continuing coverage of the protests with sources on the ground throughout Iran.

City of Junqan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province. Another Basij Base was set on fire by protesters in the village of Chelicheh. According to sources, some Basij security forces fled Junqan the night before and allegedly took refuge at the base.
City of Andimeshk, Province of Khuzestan. The regime's anti-riot forces spray demonstrators.

City of Kermanshah in Kermanshah Province. Crowd cheers as protesters bring down a billboard with Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei's picture.

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