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Hamas Calls for “Day of Rage” Against Israel Amidst Tense Ceasefire

Hamas is encouraging Palestinians to participate in a “Day of Rage” Friday in an apparent effort to perpetuate continuing unrest with Israel amidst a fragile ceasefire, as reported by The Times of Israel.

The “Day of Rage” is reportedly a response to what Hamas has labeled “settlers’ aggression.”

“This aggression will be met by our people with further resistance and confrontation,” said Hamas, according to The Times of Israel.

The efforts will allegedly include blocking Israeli bypasses in the West Bank and intentionally gathering at points where violent encounters regularly occur between Palestinian protestors and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

The ceasefire between Israel and Hamas is already fragile, with several reported instances of continued Palestinian aggression against Israelis, including a stabbing and the launch of an incendiary device into Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip.

“Friday will be the 155th Hamas ‘Day of Rage’ in 2021. It will also be the 155th day of 2021,” tweeted Executive Director of Stand With Us, an organization fighting Antisemitism, Michael Dickson.

Throughout the conflict with Israel, Hamas reportedly fired more than 4,300 rockets into Israel, many of which were fired into areas with dense civilian populations.

Israel responded by firing rockets aimed at military targets.

“No one will care that a terror group has called for a ‘Day of Rage’ until Israel defends itself. Then it will become global news and everyone will want to condemn Israel and make their oversimplified infographics,” tweeted Christians United for Israel (CUFI) Middle East Analyst Kasim Hafeez.

The UN Human Rights Council agreed last week to launch an investigation into alleged war crimes committed by Israel in its defensive action against Hamas.

“The UN wants to investigate Israel for defending itself but conveniently leaves out any mention of Hamas and the 4,300+ rockets they fired at Israeli civilians,” said former U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley last week.

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