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Hamas Senior Leader: Israel Has No Right to Exist; Praises “Resistance Movement” for Targeting Israeli Civilians

Hamas’s co-founder and senior leader said Israel has no right to exist and praised the “resistance movement” for its willingness to target Israeli civilian populations in an interview with Britain’s Sky News.

“The new element here is the degree of the resistance movement, in particular in Gaza, to attack the Israeli targets at its very important points including most of the overcrowded areas in the civilian society. So for how long the Israeli will accept that, I think this is the main issue,” said Mahmoud Zahar.

Zahar denied that Hamas fired rockets out of civilian centers in Gaza despite contradictory video evidence.

When directly asked by Sky News whether Israel has the right to exist, Zahar made Hamas’s anti-Israel position clear.

“No. Why? Why? You are coming from America and you take my house. You came from Britain and you took my brother’s house…this is a settlement. This is a settlement. You are not a citizen. We are the owner,” said Zahar.

A ceasefire between Israel and Gaza was established last Friday after 11 days of fighting.

Both sides claimed victory.

Following the ceasefire, Chairman of Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haniyeh thanked the Iranian regime for providing funding and weaponry to make the “valiant resistance” against Israel possible, according to a translation by MEMRI.

“And I cannot but thank those who brought forth money and weaponry to the valiant resistance, the Islamic Republic of Iran, who did not hold back with money, weapons, and technical support.

Despite the truce, violence in Jerusalem continues with two Israelis reportedly stabbed by terrorists Monday.

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