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Hezbollah Releases Commercial Encouraging Israelis to Flee Israel

Hezbollah video “advising” Israelis on how to leave Israel, May 24, 2021 (photo credit: SCREENSHOT/TWITTER/ALI SHOEIB)

Hezbollah, an Iran-backed terror proxy in Lebanon, released a commercial encouraging Israelis to either emigrate from Israel or “stay home” and obtain a Palestinian passport, as terrorists gather at the Israeli border.

The video, which is presented in a patronizing tone, was tweeted out by Hezbollah-affiliated reporter Ali Shoeib Monday.

The video starts with the hashtag #BYE_BYE and a map showing what Hezbollah believes to be ‘occupied Palestine.’

The narrator opens by asking Israeli citizens if they have ever “tried travel for emigration” rather than “travel for tourism.”

The video promises to provide “hints and tips” that will make the emigration process smooth.

Some of these tips include packing light, leaving weapons behind so as not to get arrested at the airport and packing snacks.

“Leave your key hung outside along with a note of your future address so that we can send your furniture later,” says the narrator, implying Israelis should leave as quickly as possible.

Hezbollah continues on to suggest that if there are no flights available, to travel by sea “and enjoy the ocean breeze,” perhaps even taking a day or two in Cyprus if no direct travel option to the final destination is available.

The video closes by revealing Hezbollah’s ultimate agenda to destroy the Israeli state completely.

“We wish you a pleasant and safe trip and beware of being deceived once again with the promises of the homeland. Your displacement around the world is your gift from God. Of course, you can avoid all this hardship and stay in your home provided you exchange your Israeli passport for the Palestinian one.”

“Hezbollah is trying to capitalize on the events of the last two weeks, during which Israel fought Hamas. With Lebanon in the midst of an unprecedented financial collapse, Hezbollah, which is one of the richest terrorist organizations in the world, is seeking to exploit this, in order to maintain their relevance and stranglehold on Lebanon,” said Arsen Ostrovsky, Chair and CEO of The International Legal Forum (ILF), an Israel-based network of lawyers dedicated to combating anti-Semitism, terror and the delegitimization of Israel in the legal arena.

Hezbollah is currently gathering on Israel’s border, according to reports, and attempted to fire several rockets into Israel last Wednesday.

“Hezbollah is inseparable from the Iranian regime, which funds, arms and directs the terror group as their proxy in the region. Nasrallah [Hezbollah’s leader] does not dare even breathe without the permission of the Iranian regime,” Ostrovsky continued.

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