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Al Qaeda warns smartphone users: ‘The spy is in your pocket’

Al Qaeda is cautioning its followers on the dangers of smartphones that can be used by enemies to track jihadis. In their latest English language magazine, Al Risalah 3, Al Qaeda warns readers, “Next time you search for a spy, just look in your pocket…” In an article entitled “UTOPIA-Smartphone Security,” readers are advised that no amount of hardware or software modification to devices, such as the removal of the GPS or rooting of the phone, will help prevent the device’s tracking signal from being broadcast. “Many Military bases, training camps and individuals have been targeted. Are there really spies and assassins behind it?” the author asks rhetorically. The piece goes on to warn that even if GPS is removed or not present on the phone, the device can still be located with an SMS message and even a wifi availability message is enough to send a tracking signal. “Did anybody come to a conclusion that the name of the spy could be Tooway, Thuraya, Samsung, Hytera Wouxon or TP-Link?” “Free yourself and your loved ones from this slavery,” the author concludes. Al Risalah’s publication comes just one day after ISIS released its latest Dabiq magazine and only days after Syrian Jihadi group Al Nusra opted to leave Al Qaeda and form new group Jabhat Fatah al-Sham.
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