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Al Qaeda’s Syrian job fair: ‘Stop helping Islamophobes in the West. Come join the Jihad’

Al Qaeda-affiliated jihadis in Syria have issued a new call for Muslims in the West to leave their homes and vocations and migrate to where their services can benefit the jihad. In their latest English language magazine, Al Risalah 3 “Has the time not arrived?” Al Qaeda issues a direct appeal for medics, teachers, engineers, cameramen and journalists to move to Syria and help their cause. In the featured article the reader is probed “O Doctor: are your services not better spent in patching the leg of that child who lost his limb in a barrel bomb in Aleppo rather than prescribing medication for an Islamophobe with flu in your country?” Similar questions are asked of electricians whose work in the West aids the ‘enemy’ to “eavesdrop on the conversations of your Muslim Brothers” and teachers who are imparting knowledge to students who will “use it to attack your Muslim brothers and sisters.” The magazine features a two-part interview with a former Guantanamo detainee and with a British jihadi fighting with Al Qaeda’s Somali affiliate Al Shabaab. In another interview, a jihadi, formerly a member of the Turkistan Islamic Party, tells how he opted to join the Syrian jihad to carry out a suicide attack. Days before his alleged attack, he tells the magazine about the ‘strategic’ advantage of carrying out a suicide bomb attack where one “martyrdom operation” could “minimize the loss of sacrificing hundreds of fighters.” Al Risalah’s publication comes just one day after ISIS released its latest Dabiq magazine and only days after Syrian Jihadi group Al Nusra opted to leave Al Qaeda and form new group Jabhat Fatah al-Sham
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